Be inspired. Be powerful. Be creative.

Our mission is to empower business and professional women of Cyprus to make a difference and connect with each other.

What guides us

Personal Development
We believe in always learning and evolving. It is our goal to educate women on everyday issues as well as learn from each other and further develop your personal and professional potential.
Political Change
We have come a long way but there is still more to go in order to balance the scales. Through networking and by encouraging more women in political positions, we intent to create real political change.
Network Expansion
One of the largest networks of professional women both in Cyprus and abroad, with members in a variety of sectors. By joining us at events, you can connect and expand your network.
Social Work
We aim to help the community around us through various campaigns every year whether it’s equal pay or women in technology in order to improve the standard of living and eliminate discrimination obstacles.
In order to achieve change, we are represented in various sectors and at different levels. From academics to artists to politicians, every woman can represent our beliefs and have an impact.
Social Justice
One of our most important goals is achieving justice in the form of equal pay and equal opportunities in all industries of the Cyprus economy.