Young BPW  

young bpw

Young BPW

Young BPW Cyprus aims to inspire young women to get involved and be part of a wider community of business and professional women, with the goal to collaborate on BPW initiatives, career, leadership and women’ s rights. Young BPW members are between the ages of 18-35 and are looking to exchange ideas, information and support each other achieving their potential. With Young BPW, women have the opportunity to get to know other people and cultures through networking and exchange in combination with international conferences seminars and workshops where members are open to discuss and share their concerns and ideas for a better world.

The Young BPW invites all young and dynamic women, no matter of professional background, to benefit from the experience and strength of the older members, enter an engaged community, as well as embracing leadership opportunities, resources, and career-focused programs. We aim to promote the professional and business potential of our members through advocacy, mentoring, capacity building and empowerment programs.

Benefits of the Young BPW

Access to information about legislation, programs and important subjects.
BPW offers you access to a large network of women both in Cyprus and abroad.
Gain visibility and prominence in your community to promote yourself and your company.
Share and exchange knowledge on a variety of topics.

Our Vision

  • Promote the interests of women as a whole
  • Encourage women to fight for equal opportunities in the workplace and help them overcome their limitations
  • Give the example to women to strive for education and use their capabilities to the maximum benefits of others as well as themselves
  • Embracing women, in order to realize their potential in the professional arena and the local and international community
  • Develop friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding
young bpw