President's message  

President's Message

I welcome you to BPW Cyprus.

It’s no easy task to change a patriarchal society, in merely a few years. And yet, dear friends, I believe we have achieved this to a great extent. The beginning has been made and we are moving forward with geometric progress, with the firm belief that we can. Women all over the world have the capacity. The women of Cyprus can too. Each one of us can claim her wants and express her cans. All together we can multiply our impact:

For equal participation in decision-making centers, for equal opportunities, for the elimination of stereotypes and prejudices, for everything that keeps women in the sidelines.

We often observe that society is very burdensome for some women. It is a given that women who stand out not only attract the envy of men, but sometimes of women as well. Which is where BPW Cyprus plays a very crucial role. Founded on timeless values such as: Excellence, Advantage, Determination, Persistence, and Integrity.

We are here to inspire, support and empower women.

We are here to stop constituting the weak side, to unearth the strength within us, to determine and evolve our respective potential, to eliminate the gender discriminations that define our world even today.

We are well aware that this journey will be long. Filled with actions and struggles. Essentially, it is a journey with no end. But women build on faith, strength, courage and will, with practices underpinned by value. Throughout our history, women have always fought. And now we witness the huge steps that have been undertaken. All we can do is persevere, with persistence, to remove all stereotypes and discrimination that we can no longer tolerate.

But what needs to change?
Maybe we should? Or the way we think and act? In our course, if we want to define our life, we must break down the existing physical or psychological obstacles. Our life comprises of our choices, and we get to decide what we will see in front of us. Obstacles; Or challenges? It has to do with how you enter a meeting room. Do you enter as a woman or as a professional? Gender has nothing to do with it; what counts are your abilities and talent.

Today in the ranks of BPW Cyprus but also generally in the Cypriot professional arena in, we have among us many brilliant women who clearly prove that a career path is not determined by gender, but rather by intelligence, skills, knowledge and talent. Women are present, and they can; and have proved it.

Every day as a superwoman a woman divides her time between work, family, children, social and personal obligations. And it is imperative that she has a strong support system. She should not take on all the roles without the support of her partner, her family, her colleagues, her employer, and of the state.

Many women, overwhelmed with regrets that they possibly neglect their children, doubts that they may not be good enough, mental, and physical fatigue from the multiple roles they undertake end up giving up, giving up their desires and wants. They accept the stereotypes with which they have grown up. The woman must shop, cook, hold back in her career because she has two young children and maybe it would be better to nominate her colleague for the promotion. Our role is to empower these women, to help them have a voice, to ask for help, cooperation, division of labor and equal opportunities.

This will be achieved via our networking, with training, information and empowerment campaigns, with mentoring programs… through actions to help pass bills, implementing laws and regulations that are forgotten in the drawers! We want to bring you closer, many more women to multiply our messages and work.

We want to bring many more men with us too. Because this is not a war of women against men. It is a joint effort of women and men for a balanced and fair society where we will all enjoy a better tomorrow!

It is an alliance, because together we can achieve more!!!

It is with great pleasure and a sense of responsibility that I have undertaken the presidency of BPW Cyprus for the three years 2022-2025. Thank you for entrusting me and the entire new council.

This great but at the same time honorable invitation-challenge is collective. Which is why I am glad that in the new council I have with me all these dynamic and efficient women, we have the local OGEEE, Young BPW, BPW ESC as well as all the members of BPW Cyprus.I hope in 3 years’ time when we present our own report, we will manage to exceed the work and the achievements of the outgoing council. A high bet ... but we should aim high.

It will be a great honor if you become a member, joining our efforts.


Thank you,

Tasia Yiannara Yiallouridou
President of BPW Cyprus