Who we are  


BPW Cyprus is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organisation. 

BPW Cyprus (Business Professional Women) was founded in 1988 and became a Federation in 1996. It is represented in all cities by regional clubs. Women under 35 years old are represented by Young BPW. 

BPW Cyprus is a  full member of BPW International, one of the most important networks of its kind. BPW International has a consultancy role in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, participates in the European Council and the European Women's Lobby. By being a member in a Regional Club, you gain the opportunity to participate in the National and International Federation.

Our Goals:
Contribute to the Cypriot Society by providing women opportunities for:

  • Empowerment through professional and leadership development
  • Ensuring their rights
  • Promotion of equal opportunities
  • Encouragement of lifelong learning in professional and educational settings
  • Encouragement of frienships, cooperation and understanding among Business and Professional Women internationally

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