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BPW Nicosia

BPW Regional Board Nicosia
Anna Papantoniou
President, BPW Nicosia 

In a challenging and dynamic era both at a personal and business level, in an international effort to defeat the pandemic achieve world piece, we are called upon to invent and cultivate paths to shape a brighter future for young businesswomen and entrepreneurs.     

Although we have undoubtedly made considerable progress the past few years, the European Union has certainly a long way ahead in order to achieve the end goal of true gender equality.   

The responsibility on our shoulders is massive and therefore, we must direct all our actions in specific areas to achieve:

· Greater Collaboration and Participation from men given that only through constant communication and conversation we will be able to improve mentalities and eliminate gender bias and stereotypical behaviours.

· Development of programmes and initiatives for pragmatic support and strengthening societal equality. 

· Greater presence of females in positions of responsibility because our diversity in the way of thinking and our passion together with our dynamism will prove to be the key in finding new innovative solutions in a multitude of scenarios to secure the finest business results.

Our Board

Eleni Ekkeshi

1st Vice President

Marina Papadopoulou

2nd Vice President

Michaelina Koutsofta


Sophia Mortaga


Maro Ioannou

Assistant Secretary

Angela Tsolaki

Board Member

Rena Demosthenous

Board Member


Maria Zachariou-Dodou 

Board Member


Thea Nicolaou

Board Member