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Angeliki Pieridou (1918-1973): Pioneering Archaeologist and Ethnographer

 Angeliki Pieridou was born in 1918 in Paphos. Her father was Pashalis Paschalidis, a gymnasium teacher from Asia Minor. She married the writer George Philippou Pierides. She studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens from 1934 to 1940.

Upon returning to Cyprus, she taught at the Greek Gymnasium in Paphos from 1945 to 1948. Later, she worked in the Department of Antiquities, initially as an archivist, later as an archives supervisor, and then as the curator of the Cyprus Museum from 1964 until her death in 1973.

Before her death, she submitted her doctoral thesis to the University of Athens on the topic of "The Proto-Geometric Rhythm in Cyprus," which was approved posthumously, and she was awarded the title of Doctor of Archaeology. She dedicated a significant part of her career to the study of Cypriot folklore, with her works included in publications of the Department of Antiquities, the Philological Cyprus journal, and others. She also published the book "Jewellery in the Cyprus Museum" in 1971.

After her death, her works on Cyprus embroidery (1976) and Cypriot Folk Art (1980) were published in a separate issue of the journal of the Center for Scientific Research.

The information is sourced from the Biographical Dictionary of Cypriots (Volume B) by Aristeides Koudounaris, and additional details can be found in the bibliography "Angeliki Pieridou, 1918-1973: Chronology, Bibliography: The Unknown Soldier of Cypriot Archaeology and Folklore" (1996) by Angeliki Pieridou, published by the Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus.

Special thanks are given to journalist/researcher Chrysanthos Chrysanthou and the Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus for providing photographs.