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Rena Katselli (1938-2021): First Female Parliamentarian

Rena Katselli, born in 1938 in Kyrenia and departing in 2021, embarked on a journey of unwavering commitment to her homeland. She actively participated in the liberation struggle of 1955-59, a defining chapter in her life. Her contributions extended to her city, Kyrenia, where she resided until the tumultuous events of July 1974. In 1981, Rena ventured into the realm of politics, securing her position as a member of the House of Representatives for the Kyrenia district. Notably, she held the distinction of being the first Greek Cypriot woman elected to parliament, a feat she repeated in 1985. Her parliamentary tenure was marked by extensive involvement in various parliamentary committees, where she tirelessly championed diverse cultural and societal causes. She also made an indelible mark as the founder of the Chrysopolitissa Publishing House. Her literary prowess and the rich tapestry of her written works were primarily dedicated to her beloved city, Kyrenia