Candle Lighting Ceremony 01/12/2017

During an inspiring international event held on 1 December 2017, BPW Cyprus celebrated the Candle Lighting ceremony, where Ms Nitsa Papachristodoulou, the Vice President of BPW Cyprus, presented the origins of the Candle Lighting ceremony, one of the most important traditions of BPW International.
Ms Papachristodoulou also added A brief summary of the history of the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women, BPW Cyprus, was shared with the guests, with reference to our Federation’s objectives, before focusing on the meaning and symbolism of the Candle Lighting ceremony.

This was followed by the actual lighting of the main candles, as executive members of BPW Cyprus dedicated candles to BPW International, BPW Europe and BPW Cyprus, as well as candles to honour the founding countries.
Candles in honour of other countries were lit by all the other guests attending the event, to reflect the fundamentally inclusive spirit of this ceremony and the spirit of BPW International, which is based on cooperation, understanding, and solidarity among all members.

Extracts from the welcome address of the President of BPW Cyprus, Ms Mary Papadopoulou

Honoured guests, dear friends and members of BPW Cyprus, and a very warm welcome to the Presidents of BPW Beirut and BPW Athens, Carmen Zugheib and Ioanna Laghoumidou,
It is an honour to welcome you to this evening’s event, the symbolic Candle Lighting Ceremony that is a long-standing tradition of BPW International.
It has been 88 years since the establishment of BPW International, which now unites some 100 countries across 5 continents. The Cyprus Federation was established in 1988, by our Founder, Ms Kleri Angelidou. […] On behalf of all of us, I would like to sincerely thank Ms Angelidou for her valuable initiative.
The passion, the people, the energy and enthusiasm that draw us together for an event like tonight pave the way for all that we can achieve together.
The United Nations refer to the 21st century as the century of women, a century of change. This change demands vision, the redefinition of success, and a reformulation of the rules. Our world today is the product of our own thoughts. Einstein reminds us that we cannot expect keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

In the 21st century we need a new approach that underlines the rights and opportunities of women around the world.
As we light the candles tonight, their light and warmth will nurture the power of sisterhood which will fuel our drive and lead us towards a better tomorrow for men and women alike. With this light, let us capture the spirit of solidarity within our Federation.
Let us make the 21st century the century of women.